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A Family Commitment Ceremony

For a very moving and beautifully performed ceremony that tells a child, or children, how much you love them and how important they are to you, then this is a "must have."  

This ceremony is for the bride and groom that may already have a young child or children from a former marriage or of their own.   On this special wedding day of yours, you are also pledging your love to them as well, committing to them, and promising that you will create a family together.   You are letting them know that they are a very important and meaningful part of this union.   This will be their "special day" too.

This ceremony is usually performed after the ring ceremony.   The words spoken by the Reverend can express your never ending love and devotion to the child/children and further reinforce your commitment that you both will always be there for them even as they grow to be young adults.   The Reverend asks that you both repeat a beautiful vow to your child/children and to conclude the ceremony, a small token of your love, such as a ring, bracelet or necklace, is presented to the child.

If you would like to include this in your ceremony, please feel free to discuss this in more detail with the Reverend. Additional information will be required for preparation of this very special and beautiful ceremony.