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Personal Philosophy

First ordained as an Minister in 1977, I was a missionary and a church minister for the past 30 years. Up until recently, I was an Associate Pastor for a small non-denominational congregation in Englewood, NJ.

Although raised as an Christian, I have studied a great number of other religious doctrines and have chosen for myself a faith and belief system that incorporates those principles and practices that express my own personal spiritual self.

As a minister, whose sole tenet is "to do what is right", I have the opportunity to provide a truly non-sectarian service to those that seek spiritual expression for life's important moments: births, baptisms, marriages, commitment ceremonies, renewal of marriage vows, dedications, funerals and other rites of passage.

As a non-sectarian minister, I never impose my faith or belief system or incorporate them in my services. I willingly work with you to develop a service and ceremony that is an expression of your beliefs and spirituality.

There are links on this page to a number of different philosophies of marriage in the major religious cultures.  I am very comfortable to assist with any one of there ministers to coordinate the wedding experience you seek to share.

If you have specific questions, you can get some of them answered on the FAQ page.  If there is not sufficient information there, you are always welcome to send me an email or complete the 'contact me' form here on this website.

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